Female system diagram

The female reproductive system is made up of the internal and external sex organs that function in reproduction of new offspring.In the human the female reproductive system is immature at birth and

develops to maturity at puberty to be able to produce gametes, and to carry a foetus to full term.The internal sex organs are the uterus, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Learn about the female reproductive system's anatomy through diagrams and detailed facts. Our experts describe the functions of female reproduction, including ovulation, fertilization, and menopause. Find more on the female reproductive organs, the menstrual cycle, and more. The female reproductive system includes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, vulva, mammary glands and breasts. These organs are involved in the production and transportation of gametes and the production of sex hormones. Why do girls get periods? What goes on when a woman gets pregnant? What can go wrong with the female reproductive system? Find the answers to these questions and more in this article

for teens. The female reproductive system is designed to carry out several functions. It produces the female egg cells necessary for reproduction, called the ova or oocytes. The system is designed to The labia majora join to form the cleft shape of the female genitals. This is also known as the pudendal cleft or the cleft of Venus, after the Roman goddess of love. Female reproductive system. The female reproductive system contains two main parts: the uterus, which hosts the developing fetus, produces vaginal and uterine secretions, and passes the male's sperm through to the fallopian tubes; and the ovaries, which produce the female's The organs of the female reproductive system are specialized to produce ova (eggs), transport the egg cells to the site of fertilization, to provide a

favorable environment for developing embryos, and to move offspring outside of the body (birth) at the appropriate time. Picture Of Female Reproductive System Diagram 1024×1204 Diagram - Picture Of Female Reproductive System Diagram 1024×1204 Chart - Human anatomy diagrams and charts explained. The Human Body Diagram. The human body is the most complicated machine in the world and the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs

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